Monday, August 1, 2011


"Write when you’re inspired to write."

I came across this quote in a post from It was discussing quality over quantity- don't just pump out post after post of really nothing to say. Wait until you have something important to say and then write about it.

Lately, I'll be honest, I haven't felt very inspired to write. Whether it's because my job as a fitness instructor keeps me busy, that it's summer and I've been outside playing, I just have been inspired my anything or a combination of all of these, I just haven't been able to buckle down and get words out. Until now.
As far as reading goes, I feel like I've been reading interesting books but nothing that's completely taken hold of me so that I can't put it down and can't stop discussing it with other people.

The last book I finished was a Cathy Kelly novel, Best of Friends.  I enjoyed this book. The characters were likable and believable. I enjoyed the interwoven story lines and how each character relied on each other to make it through and different points through the novel. I also enjoyed that this was also a story of women finding their own strength and making something of themselves, either in a big or a small way. But unlike other Cathy Kelly novels I've read, this one didn't completely 100% suck me in. I liked it, but I wasn't in love with it. I don't know whether that's my fault (being lazy, preoccupied or something) or if this novel just didn't totally gel with me. It took my a while to get through,  which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just a fact. I had a good time reading it though, so I think that 's all that matters.

I'm currently reading a book where I'm having a similar reaction. It's Windfall by Penny Vincenzi. Previously, when I've read Vincenzi's work, I was hooked. Again, I like this book. It's interesting. There are plot twists I never saw coming and characters with fascinating story arcs. I react to the plot lines as well as the characters, so I'm connecting with this novel, I'm just, again, not absolutely pulled in. I don't force myself to stay awake past the time I should because I just can't put it down and I don't need to pull the book out at every opportune moment to find out what happens next, even if it's only for five minutes. That said, I am enjoying it. It's well written, albeit a little confusing with a multitude of characters to keep track of, and intriguing. It's good. Not over the moon amazing, but good.

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